Bath in Bed Wipes - a complete waterless bathing system

Code: RHS 102

33 x 23cm
8 cloths per pack
24 packs per carton
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Bath in Bed Wipes - a complete waterless bathing system

Reynard Bath in Bed Wipes  are a complete bathing system comprising eight high quality wipes impregnated with a gentle soap-free cleansing and moisturising solution.

Simply heat this pack of eight wipes in a microwave oven for a comforting top-to-toe bath without fuss (can be used warm or cold).

Traditional bed bath methods can take up to 30 minutes, require 1-2 staff and use a number of supplies.  Moving patients from bed to shower can be a difficult and stressful manual handling process for carer and patient.

Bath in Bed wipes also eliminate the need for reusable accessories such as basins and washers that can harbour bacteria, which will also assist to reduce cross-infection risks.

When used in conjunction with a Reynard Shampoo Cap, we offer a complete ‘in-bed’ bathing process that is less stressful to the patient and carer. A simplified approach to  washing that requires no water, no additional products or towels thus saving on material, labour and laundry costs. 


  • Can be used hot or cold
  • Large enough for one wipe per body part, so less cross infection risk
  • Each wipe covers a larger area of the body so fewer wipes are needed
  • Reduced manual handling risk and less stress to patient
  • Does not attach itself to dry or flaky skin
  • No need for rinsing or drying so bathing can be done by less staff in less time
  • More cost effective than traditional bathing as no need for additional products such as towels, face washers and soaps
  • Can be used by those sensitive to perfumes
  • High quality, spun lace cloth
  • Pleasant and refreshing bathing experience with no sticky residue

Where to use

  • Residents resistant to showering
  • Frail and bed bound or wheelchair bound residents and patients
  • Paraplegics and quadriplegics who experience discomfort when taken to shower
  • Residents who are manual handling risks
  • Residents unable to shower themselves
  • Day trips, emergency evacuation kits, community care vehicles, transportation vehicles and disease outbreak kits
  • Patient cleansing after operations, will remove dried blood and urine
  • ICU/HDU/Cath Labs, Cardiovascular, Theatre patients
  • Maternity ward patients
  • Disability Care
  • Wherever there is little to no access to water e.g. Army/Scouts/Camping/Sailing/Travelling

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Looking for something different?

Should your market require an alternative solution, such as more or fewer wipes, lightly scented alternatives, different packagin or even biodegradable products, for example, let us know. We are more than happy to develop bespoke solutions for you. Please contact our office on 1300 667 199.